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A Brief Explanation Of Natural Lawn Care

There are several advantages that you stand to get if you opt for natural lawn care including reducing time taken on maintaining the lawn and in addition getting to save money on not having to invest in buying chemicals. The best part about natural lawn care is that it drastically cuts down your dependence on using chemical based fertilizers. Besides, use of natural lawn care also ensures that there is no threat to the plant on account of side effects of using chemical fertilizers and in fact the plants will grow better and look more beautiful if they are allowed to grow in a natural manner.

Improved Lawn Soil With Natural Lawn Care

Natural lawn care also helps to ensure that you lawn soil improves which in turn means that you are assured that the grass will grow greener and thicker as well as will last longer. To get the most out of natural lawn care vis-à-vis the soil it is first of all necessary that you test the soil for its pH which should ideally be between 6.5 and 7 which in turn hints at the fact that your soil has mild amount of acidity which is ideal for growing plants.

When you opt for natural lawn care you should also consider the amount of clay present in the soil in your lawn because excess levels of clay will lead to compacting the soil and this will then prevent air as well as nutrients from flowing freely. To ensure that your soil gets sufficient air and nutrients you will need to lift small plugs of turf so that your lawn soil becomes more flexible and also permeable. Of course, it is also possible for you to think about using an aerator for the purpose.

Watering is a very important part of natural lawn care as the right amount of water will provide huge benefits to the soil while the wrong amount of water will ruin the grass in your lawn. One important tip in this regard is to never water the lawn after rainfall and to also try and water the lawn during the hours from midnight to eight in the morning.

It also pays to use natural lawn care products to tend to your garden since these products are very environmentally friendly. Use of such products ensures that the environment and the plants become immune from hazards that are normally associated with use of lawn care products that contain dangerous chemicals in them.

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