Home Gardens Garden tips Best Indoor Rose Plant: “A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet”

Best Indoor Rose Plant: “A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet”

In so many ways we love making our favourite things small. Cell phones, computers, cars, and even our rose plants. Rose plants are best indoors when they are of the miniature potted variety, during the fall and winter months. They can be planted safely in the ground post frost and removed safely pre frost. Your miniature indoor rose plant will do best in its warm winter home under a number of ideal conditions and will thrive and bloom all winter long. Many people love this part of their miniature rose plants. Bringing the rose plant indoors is the best part of the winter for rose enthusiasts. They get to enjoy the beauty of roses all year long.

Best Indoor Rose Plant Are Tender, Loving, Care

Miniature indoor rose plants thrive best with a little TLC. They like the temperature of their surroundings to be cool between 60 and 72 F and the like their soil moist but not wet. A common problem a lot of people have with their indoor rose plants is keeping the soil moist without rotting the roots. The big thing to remember for anyone trying to care for their indoor rose plants is they’re best kept as if they are outdoors. That is the way they like it. Aside from orchids, roses are one of the best indoor plants for color.

If your rose plant is blooming indoors it is best to feed it blooming flower fertilizer to encourage re-blooming and to keep the plant clean of yellowed leaves and dead blooms. With this kind of TLC your indoor rose plant will do its best to bloom and give you beautiful rose blossoms all winter long.

No More Frost!

When the winter passes and the frost is definitely gone, your indoor rose plant will do best outside in your garden. It will need a spot where it gets half a day’s sunlight and has cool well mulched and well drained soil. Plant it and water it and trim the plant so it is about five inches from the ground. Your old indoor rose plant will now do its best to grow and become a beautiful rose for you to admire all late spring, summer and early fall.

In the late fall when the season winds down you collect your roses trim them back clean them and pot them and prepare them to be brought in for the winter. The whole process begins again and if done correctly you can have many wonderful years from your indoor rose plants you treated with the best TLC you could afford them.

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