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Dressing for the Garden

Really, truly having a hand in the care and development of your garden means getting down and dirty. It’s an active pursuit that requires clothing as comfortable and functional as any athletic gear and yet most of us wear our oldest and rattiest things to do the work we love. That’s fine if you don’t expect to see anyone while you work, but if you are working in the front yard where your neighbors can see you then don’t you want to look good while you do it? Why not invest in a sturdy, stylish gardening outfit and take a little care with what you wear to the garden?

Simple and Stylish Gardening

Your gardening outfit doesn’t have to be ratty to be effective. Simply swapping out your old sweatpants for a stylish pair of leggings for women can quickly put you on the right track. Leggings have the benefit of being a comfortable and protective option that provides warmth and support while still looking good and being easy to clean. It’s a tall order from one item of clothing, but a good pair of leggings can get the job done and leave you looking comfortable and modern. Then, you can build on the outfit with an attractive and easily washed tunic, something that will move with you while you garden. A pair of nice shoes and some well chosen gloves and accessories and you’ll find you look more put together in the garden than almost anywhere else you go.

The Importance of the Right Gear

Dressing appropriately and attractively for garden work might seem frivolous. In fact, it is as necessary as choosing the right support gear for working out or going to the office. We’re all happiest and most productive when we look and feel good—regardless of who will see us doing so. Ideally, you want to bring those positive feelings to the garden with you. Why wouldn’t you? Dress the part and you will.

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