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Follow The Organic Gardening Principles To Enjoy Organic Produce

The only reason why organic gardening is catching up is the safety in consuming the same. The fertilizers and other chemical based products are used to grow the plants better – are actually affecting out health considerably. Hence, a majority of people are moving from the inorganic to organic produce.

Anyone could have an organic garden of your own by following the simple principles.

To start with never deviate from the principal of using only the natural product for the better growth of your organic plants – the fertilizers, pesticides or anything, which has chemicals included, should not even come in contact with the plants in your organic garden. To start with compost is one of the most essential elements, which would enrich the lifeline of the plant – the soil. Hence, it is indispensable to have the best but yet natural once. This can be done with the kitchen organic wastes like the peels of the vegetables & fruits or the waste of the meat products from the kitchen. Grass; leaves and like could be the other alternatives, which would act as the natural composts. You could have chickens moving around in your garden doing that for you or you could just purchase the natural manure from the gardening stores. Make sure that you check the ingredients before you pick one.

Earthworms would be something you definitely need to have on your soil as these creatures have a habit of digging deep. Moreover, while they are doing so, the process ensures that the soil in the under layers are brought to the surface and so the plant would be able to use the mineral and nutrients in the lowest layer of the soul as well. Over an above, the 5 times richness in the soil – nitrogen phosphorous and potassium are left behind for the plant.

For pest control, pesticides should not be used. The reason is that these are chemical based and harms the human body. The idea of organic gardening is to use natural materials; hence, pest control measures would be as natural as possible like toad. This would eat the armyworms, crickets, gypsy moth caterpillars, slugs, squash bugs and more. It can eat 10000 insect in a quarter. You could get birds, which feed, on the caterpillars. The crux is natural predators is a good way of pest control.

Plants could be used as well to control the pest pollution and at the same time add to the beauty of your organic garden – rosemary, sage, thyme, marigolds are some examples of the same. To make the produce even better you could use crop rotation method – meaning that you would be changing the kind of plants that you are growing every few months.

By the end of the season you would see a very luxurious produce would even encourage you more to stick to the principles of growing organic garden. Who knows that you might be able to sell the excess produce to make money and at the same time consuming the home grown organic garden produce would save your money.

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