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Garden With Your Kids!

As our children’s lives become busier every day thanks to things like the internet, computers, PSP’s, iPods and other devices that they love it’s becoming harder for parents to connect with their children than it was in the past. What’s the solution to this problem? If you live on a property with enough space for a yard it’s time to consider planting a garden.

Why Gardening?

Gardening is one of the best ways to connect with young and older children because it enables parents to teach their children values like hard work, patience and dedication to see the seeds that they plant grow.

When starting a garden for the first time it’s important to start small and not try to plant a massive garden because trying to do too much too soon will only make your garden plan fail. Many people start planting their first gardens in flower boxes or small corners of their yard and then they eventually move onto bigger planting bigger gardens with their children over time.

Getting Started

Before you start planting your garden think about the condition of the soil that you want to plant the garden in. If you’re planting your garden in a flower box you can easily buy a new bag of mulch to have fresh soil to start with but the soil in your yard might need some extra help. Once you till the soil that you want to plant your garden in you should invest in some fertilizer then mix that fertilizer with the soil to insure that it will be ready for planting seeds.

What seeds should you plant? That depends on the climate where you live and also the time of the year that you’re planting. When picking seeds for your garden you should look for seeds that will keep the garden interesting. For example, try planting seeds for plants that will grow large like sunflowers or remain small like impatiens.

When picking seeds it’s important to look for seeds that have terms on them like “prolific re-seeder” or “spreads easily” because this means that these seeds will come back year after year.

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