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How to choose a street and indoor sweeper

The fastest way to clear a territory is to sweep it. The broom is suitable for a house, a small yard, steps, a terrace. For large areas, it is best to purchase special equipment. That’s what it’s called – a sweeper. What a janitor with a broom can hardly do in half a day, this technique will do in half an hour. So, choose the best lawn sweeper with this article.

The sweeper is a moving wheeled unit equipped with a brush. Brushes are installed from below, or rotary from the front. They rotate, sweeping up debris. Made from high strength rigid nylon, wire or natural material. They perfectly sweep snow, leaves, sand from any surface.

Nothing complicated, as you can see, but, meanwhile, such a structure provides high speed and thoroughness of cleaning. It is applied for:

  • closed premises: workshops, warehouses;
  • fenced areas: parking lots, parking lots, areas;
  • territories near enterprises and institutions: hotels, schools, offices, supermarkets, etc .;
  • highways;
  • streets, sidewalks;
  • adjoining territories.

Types of sweepers

The choice of a sweeping machine should begin by defining the tasks that it should solve. Consider the size of the site or room, the frequency of tasks, and even the type of waste and the degree of pollution. The power and type of equipment you expect depends on this. These units are of three types:


Hand tools are completely mechanical. They need to be pushed in front of you, holding the handle. When moving, the brush starts to rotate. Mechanical appliances are ideal for home or garden use. They are cheap and economical as they do not require electricity or fuel. Lightweight and compact. It is convenient to store them in a small closet. They do an excellent job with a small and not too polluted area.


Equipped with an electric motor. They are autonomous, since they work not from the mains, but from the built-in battery. Basically, such units also need to be moved by yourself – they do not have a wheel drive. On the other hand, the brush head rotates thanks to the energy of the battery, which provides much higher performance than a manual one. The dirt is collected in a special plastic container. It is easy to remove and empty. The body is lightweight, plastic. The advantage of such units is the use in enclosed spaces. They work quickly and accurately.

Their price is high, depending on the type of battery. There are models on sale that do not include a battery. They are cheaper, but you should purchase a high-quality battery for them, which is quite expensive. Battery Tips – Best is a lithium-ion battery that charges quickly, is immune to low temperatures, and provides at least 3 hours of battery life. With it, you get excellent autonomous equipment, which can be used in a private home, office and company.


The petrol drive is the most efficient. Designed for cleaning outdoor areas. Used for medium to large areas. A full tank of gasoline lasts for 4-5 hours of operation. The resource of such a technique is the highest, as well as its productivity and speed. They are functional and powerful units. Launch type:

  • Manual (cable) – in most models.
  • Electric starter (by turning the key) – only for certain models from some brands.

Type of pollution – what kind of debris needs to be removed

To remove areas of different sizes, you need to know the structure of the dirt. Based on this, various types of machines are used.

  • Vegetable (leaves, grass, twigs) – you can choose any sweeper, depending on the size of the site.
  • Construction – we recommend gasoline. Since this is heavy and coarse debris, a powerful machine with stiff, wire bristles will be required.
  • Household – battery and mechanical devices that can work indoors will cope with it. For fine dust, choose a soft and thick pile. For cleaning carpets, a special carpet brush is used as a nozzle. Natural or soft artificial fibers. Please note that sweepers are not scrubber dryers. They don’t wash the floor, they just sweep it.
  • Snow is better than a gasoline appliance. The snow sweeper makes it possible to attach the blade to it and clean up fairly high snow cover. Soft, freshly fallen snow 5-10 cm high, swept away with a stiff brush.

Work indoors or outdoors

When choosing, it is especially important for which cleaning you need cleaning equipment – external or internal.

  • The street sweeper is a gasoline powered power plant. If the area is small, you can use a manual, medium – battery. Thick and stiff bristles are preferred. To clean concrete, you need wire, for tiles and paving stones, we recommend using a softer nap so as not to damage the surface.
  • Indoor cleaning – manual or battery powered, equipped with soft, natural nozzles. Gasoline is not suitable in any way, as it emits carbon dioxide into the air. Moreover, such devices are very noisy. Their lot is the street.

There are also universal models in which you can change the equipment and use them in any situation.

4. Performance

The speed of dirt removal (performance) is an important parameter. It is determined by some technical characteristics:


This factor is directly affected by the width of the rig itself. The wider it is, the larger the pass at a time and the higher the cleaning speed. But if there are many obstacles on the site or its configuration is complex, then a wide brush is useless for you – you will not be able to get into a narrow place.

At the same time, the speed of completing tasks increases if the equipment has:

  • speed control;
  • height adjustment.

Recommended area

For large volumes and flat overall areas, powerful devices with wide accessories are chosen. If the site is small, narrow, with rises, steps, light and maneuverable devices with narrow nozzles are needed.


The power of the installed motors is also important. Petrol drives from 4 to 5 HP good in case you need to clean medium-sized areas. For heavy cleaning in large areas, choose a more powerful – 5.5 -7 hp.

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