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Simple Tips on Easy Vegetables to Grow

There are many easy vegetables to grow and nothing is quite as rewarding for gardeners as picking vegetables from plants that they had sowed. There are various reasons that people opt for easy vegetables to grow in their gardens and these include saving money at the grocery shop or growing vegetables with their kids. You would be able to have a mouthwatering vegetable crop with the right guidance and you need not worry if you had not grown vegetables earlier.

Ideas On Easy Vegetables To Grow


When people think of easy vegetables to grow the one name that usually comes to their mind is the favorite summer vegetable, tomato. They are easy vegetables to grow and you will find countless varieties and sizes to choose from. Some of these varieties may require some form of staking or support. If you pinch off the suckers that grow between the main stem and the leaves, your tomato plant will yield a larger fruit, according to the Department of Horticultural Sciences at Texas A&M University. Late spring is the ideal time to plant tomatoes.


Planting zucchini in warm weather would be advisable as they grow best in that weather. Put the vines up a trellis to keep them off the ground and this will help prevent damage to the leaves due to powdery mildew. Once they are established you would need to thin the veins as your garden can be overrun easily by zucchini plants that grow quickly. You would be able to get a better crop if you harvest zucchinis often. Pick them when they are small and tender as zucchinis taste best then. Until you are ready to use them do not wash or cut them.

Butternut Pumpkins

The other easy vegetables to grow are pumpkins and they belong to the same family as zucchini and grow in similar conditions. The seeds need to be planted in mounds and should be a metre (yard) apart and the seedling kept strong. Keep the water up to them in hot and dry weather and mulch around the mound. Every three weeks you would need to feed it with well rotten manure or mature compost.

Other Easy Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden

Green Beans and Carrots

For a continuous harvest from spring through fall, you can plant green beans and carrots. The pole varieties take little space and this will enable you to grow a larger crop while the bush varieties of green beans are easier to grow. Give carrot seedlings the space they need by planting them about 2 inches apart. Get an idea of its size before harvesting by brushing away a bit of the topsoil to reveal the crown of the carrot.


Compared to head lettuce, leaf lettuce is easier to grow. Spring or late summer is ideal to plant lettuce and during the hot summer days, you would need to water them frequently. Give the younger leaves on the inside time to mature by picking leaves from the outside first and when you harvest like this you will get hardier growth.


One of the easiest vegetables to grow is radishes. However, due to an incorrect perception of limited use there are many people who avoid growing these vegetables. They can be used in salads and coleslaw. You can eat them sautéed with other vegetables and for a zingy crunch in sandwiches slice them paper thin. Radish greens can also be added to salads and soups. Gardeners receive an instant gratification when they plant radishes and they would be a great way to introduce kids to vegetable gardening. The cool days of spring or early fall would be the best time to plant radishes that are easy vegetables to grow.

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