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Soil Culitivation & Pest Control – The Secret Of A Beautiful Organic Garden

Organic gardening is catching up and the good news is that it is not only restricted to growing the organic fruits and vegetables. The organic gardening is extending its wings to flowers and other ornamental plantations as well. This means that you could have plants that would yield fruits, vegetables and also flowers in your organic garden. What else you could have asked for!

There is a complete science behind the organic gardening. It is not as simple as putting the seeds in the soil and watering the plants. Organic gardening is definitely much more than that. It is about using natural ways and means that are not only environmental friendly but at the same time makes the produce even better in terms of their nutrient quotient. No matter how hard the task is the organic gardening would not use the synthetic ways and means to accomplish it. The same holds true for the pest management & the various aspects of soil cultivation.

Soil cultivation is indispensable as this is the primary lifeline of the plants. The plants would be getting all the nutrients from the soil that it is growing into. The soil should have the power of water retention and should be able to supply all what the plant needs to grow better. You can’t expect the soil to naturally have the same. The only way you could enrich the soil is by adding composts; as we are talking about organic gardening we can’t add chemical based products. The composting fallen leaves, animal manures, clipped grass, earthworms, microorganisms, trash and let nature left to decompose are the best natural composts that you could ever ask for. The composts would not only add the required nutrients to make the soil rich but at the same time increase the water retention capability of the soil. Hence, you need not waste time watering the plants over and over again.

Pest control is another important aspect of organic gardening. The crawling or flying pests; the boring or walking once – you could have quite a pest party in your organic garden that you need to deal with. Again, you can’t spray a pesticide and get rid of these as the organic gardening rests on the idea of using the natural things. You could concentrate on the natural pest predators or the plants that could control pest population.

Aside from proper soil cultivation, the problem that is dreaded by most growers is pest control. From flying to crawling, from walking to boring, managing pests is a vital key in producing quality organic produce or maintaining a healthy organic garden. You could have plants that could control the pest population; you could use the birds that would feed on the eggs, larva and the caterpillars that are harming your organic garden. Having such natural predators, is the best way to make your organic garden look even more beautiful with the friendly birds and insects that would control pests. Over an above that you could use the ready organic pest sprays that are available in the market or diluted soapy water to remedy the pest situation in your organic garden.

Good soil cultivation and a decent pest control will ensure you way to a health organic garden full of vegetables, fruits and flowers.

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