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What You Need to Know about Planting Carrot Seeds

Although carrots are sweet and crunchy and make a delicious garden treat, planting carrot seeds can be difficult as they are tiny. It is actually quite a tedious and laborious work and you will find it very difficult not to waste seeds when you plant them too quickly. However there are several methods of planting carrot seeds that have been developed by experienced gardeners and this will not just make your job easy but also reduce the amount of seeds that that are wasted.

What Are the Basics of Planting Carrot Seeds?

The Basics

You can start the process of planting carrot seeds by first preparing the soil. Remove any rocks that will get in the way and make the carrots fork by loosening the dirt to ten inches and more. You can fertilize as desired. Ridges that are one to two feet apart can be formed and the height of each ridge can be 4 – 6 inches. Along each ridge you can plant a double row of carrots. You can plant twenty seeds per foot by sowing seeds ¼”-½” deep. In one to three weeks the seeds will start to sprout and you will have to thin the plants to two inches apart when the sprouts have grown to two to four inches tall. When you make salads, you can add the tiny thinned carrots and even the tops to it.

What Are the Easy Methods of Planting Carrot Seeds?

Easier Methods

When you are planting carrot seeds, you must mix some radish seeds with them. It will help in marking your rows as radishes sprout quickly while it takes time for the carrot seeds to germinate. It will become easier for the tiny carrot sprouts to come through as the radishes will help break the crusty soil surface.

Instead of planting carrot seeds in rows you can broadcast them and as directed above give a space of two inches to thin them.

When planting carrot seeds you can mix it with dry sand and this will help you spread the seeds evenly in the rows.

You can shake the seeds out into the dirt in rows or broadcast by loading them into an old salt or pepper shaker.

Pelleted carrot seeds should be bought. Coat each seed till it is four to five times bigger in comparison to a plain carrot seed. You can precision plant your carrots spacing them in such a manner that the need to thin them is reduced or eliminated due to the white coating and larger size of the seeds. However you need to remember that the pelleted seeds have already been pre-prepped. This would mean that they have already been moistened, allowed to germinate and dried again. Untreated seeds can be kept for a couple of years while these pre-prepped seeds are good only for this year.

You can use a seeding tool for planting carrot seeds. There are available in a variety of designs and you can purchase them from any seed and gardening supply catalogs. There are adjustable openings in them and you can use them for different kinds of seeds. Some of these tools use suction while others use vibration to dispense seeds. You would be able to evenly space the seeds in rows by using these tools to dispense seeds at a controlled rate.

Seed tapes need to be purchased. You will only need to lay these seeds in the garden and cover them over as the carrots seeds are already spaced properly and glued to strips of tissue paper. The other cheap alternative would be to make your own seed tape by using toilet paper or newspaper for planting carrot seeds.

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