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Wine Making And Grape Growing, How Are They Related?

All wine connoisseurs agree that you can not make wine with all grapes. In order to make good wine you need perfect grapes. Grape Growing and wine making are intertwined. The better the quality of your grapes the better tasting the wine will be. In the event that you are looking for gaining high quality wine you should start with the beginning of the vineyard.

Just like real estate the location is of primary importance for grape growing. Maximum exposure to sunlight helps the grapevines produce more sugars that are fermented during the process of making wine. Sunlight needs to properly fall on the grapevine’s sides equally and never be concentrated on just one.

The second factor when thinking about importance is the soil. What stands out as highly interesting is that there is no need of rich or fertile soil to gain really great tasting wine. A soil that is deficient in nutrients shall give you small grapes which are ideal for producing good quality wine. Soil drainage is used in order to prevent root rotting. If you are faced wtih soil that lacks nutrients there is the possibility to use compost.

While planning the layout of the plantation keep the plants at least 6 feet from each other and 8 feet between two rows, if you have the place for a larger plantation. Every single vine should offer around one gallon of wine. Whenever you are planning vine numbers we recommend that you only think about how much wine you can obtain and always make sure that extra vines are planted as losses will appear.

All grapevines are capable of growing and covering a lot of space. However, for a better output it is advisable to put supports like trellis to assist the growth of wines upwards. In order to keep roots safe you need to dig some large holes in order to have a better drainage and get rid of excess water.

During the first year of planting pick out the stronger vine and tightly secure it to the trellis using a string and not wires. Sometimes wires will really harm tender vines. Chop off balance shoots while leaving intact strong ones. Choose to prune vines during winter as the plant stands out dormant then. If you repeat the exact same process yearly you will soon have a really strong vine. Two to three years of this pruning will provide your plant a strong structure to grow on.

Keep a hydrometer with you. You may purchase it from any shop that retails wine making accessories. In order to see how much juice grapes produce there is always the possibility of using hydrometers. The gravity that is perfect has to stay round 1.095 to 1.105 in order to look at correct grapes harvesting time.

Though time consuming grape growing and wine making can be immensely self satisfying and gratifying. Be thorough in your knowledge about grape growing and wine making to develop your enterprise successfully.

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