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Your Phone May Be the Best Tool in Your Gardening Arsenal

If you love gardening, you live for the days where you can be outside in the fresh air, planting seeds for new plants or crops for your garden. You also take pride in keeping your flower beds weed free and thinking about the best plants that you should be choosing for the seasons.

One of the great things about owning a mobile phone is that you have the ability to take a wealth of gardening information with you, wherever you go. If you’re outside, in your garden and want to know the best fertilizer for your roses or how to get rid of aphids, you have a wealth of information at your disposal thanks to your mobile phone.

Top Gardening Apps

Botany Buddy – This app features a complete reference guide of over 1,300 types of plant species. It’s great for gardeners who need help with choosing the right plants for their gardens plus identifying volunteers or plants that have started growing in their gardens that were seeded by birds or someone else.

Botanical Interests – With this app, any gardener can learn how to plant their first vegetable garden.

Garden To Do – For those gardeners who have a hard time remembering what supplies or gardening tools that they should have bought, this app will help them to easily stay on track and so much more. This gardening app will also help gardeners to stay on top of common tasks, keep track of how new plants should be growing and be aware of weather conditions like hot summer days or cold weather that could harm plants.

Gardening Games

For those gardeners who love to relax after a long day in their gardens, they should play the new game: Flower Garden. With this app any gardener can plant and maintain a virtual garden. When your flowers have grown, you can clip them and send bouquets to friends and family members.

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